• The Trump Rally Is Just Getting Started!

    Have you ever been presented with an opportunity and missed out on it? Well, here is an opportunity you Do NOT want to miss out on. Based upon my unique “Cycle Analytical” work combined with my “ Proprietary Predictive Analytics Model...
    Posted to The Gold And Oil Guy by Chris Vermeulen on 02-15-2017
  • Yes, Republican Leaders Are Pushing For New Tax Increases

    Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, conservative or liberal, you will want to be aware of what I write about below. The “Establishment” Republican leaders are quietly pushing for a huge tax increase that has yet to get much attention in the mainstream media.

    This new tax increase is called the “Border Adjustment Tax” (BAT). In essence, the BAT would impose a 20% tariff on all imports to the US.  If enacted, it will mean significantly higher prices for imports and anything made in America that includes imported goods.

    You probably haven’t heard about this trade-killing tax since its main proponents, House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (both Republicans), have done their best to keep this effort quiet.

    The good news is that if enough Republicans oppose Ryan, Brady and their backers, this anti-trade tax will not see the light of day. Like I said, whether you are a liberal or conservative, you need to know about this since it could mean a big cost-of-living price increase for all of us.

    Sadly, the BAT is not the only bad tax being promoted by Republicans. Another group of Republicans is lobbying President Trump for a new “carbon tax” in exchange for a “significant” rollback in EPA regulations. The GOP promoters of this new tax claim it will help the economy and benefit working-class Americans. A closer look finds it will do neither and is another very bad idea. I’ll fill you in below.

    Posted to Forecasts & Trends by Gary D. Halbert on 02-14-2017
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  • VIX Cycles set to explode in March/April 2017 – Part 2

    Previously, I authored a “ Part 1 ” of this article regarding my analysis of the VIX cycles. I sincerely hope my readers enjoyed the analysis and I hope it opened up a few questions regarding the potential moves in the US and global markets...
    Posted to The Gold And Oil Guy by Chris Vermeulen on 02-13-2017
  • The New Retirement – Big Pill To Swallow!

    President Donald J. Trump was elected the 45 th President of the United States to preside over the largest debt collapse ever in U.S. history. During this four-year term, he and his administration will be most feared and hated president there ever was...
    Posted to The Gold And Oil Guy by Chris Vermeulen on 02-11-2017
  • VIX Cycles Set to Explode in March/April 2017 – Part 1

    My recent analysis of the markets has shown what I believe to be an explosion in market volatility set to starting happening between February 21, 2017 and March 30, 2017. The historical VIX cycles have been running about 18~22 week intervals for expansion...
    Posted to The Gold And Oil Guy by Chris Vermeulen on 02-09-2017
  • Retail Prices at wholesale Prices – Next Hot Sector

    As we close out the first week of February, I’m writing to illustrate the types of great opportunities waiting for all of us. All the trades we share are based on our Momentum Reversal Method ( MRM ) trading system. There are two key components...
    Posted to The Gold And Oil Guy by Chris Vermeulen on 02-06-2017
  • Can New President Make Things Better for the People?

    Where is this economic boom that Former President Obama and his administration had taken so much credit for? The Obama Administration, with the assistance of the Federal Reserve and Company, deliberately kept the U.S. economy from creating any growth...
    Posted to The Gold And Oil Guy by Chris Vermeulen on 02-06-2017
  • Market Melt-up Brings Volatility to Metals

    Our recent analysis bases on a previous report of the potential for a further run in the US markets based on a number of technical and fundamental factors leads to the question of “what could happen with Gold and Silver”. A broad US market...
    Posted to The Gold And Oil Guy by Chris Vermeulen on 01-31-2017
  • The New Gold Rush Of 2017!

    Gold to Regain Its Gleam! One question that gold investors are asking now is, will 2017 be as spectacular for the yellow metal as it was in 2016? The short and sweet answer to this is YES. The dollar, gold and the major U.S. stock exchanges will all see...
  • President Obama’s Legacy – Weaken America For Eight Years

    If you have read me for very long, you know a few things about my political leanings, which I don’t hesitate to espouse now and then. I’m a free-market conservative that believes in smaller government, balanced budgets and lower taxes, just...
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  • Yellen Cuts Off Currency Rally..

    In This Issue.

    * Full Employment? .

    * Chuck goes old school economics .

    * ECB meets today.

    * China sells more Treasuries! .

    Posted to Daily Pfennig by Chuck Butler on 01-19-2017
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  • Howard Marks on Expert Opinion

    In a week when I have once more gone out on the old limb, in last weekend’s Thoughts from the Frontline, to bring you my forecast for the new year, and when I’m also sharing with readers of my Over My Shoulder service the tea-leaf skryings of some of the boldest and brightest among my fellow economic prognosticators, I’m feeling a need to use today’s Outside the Box to redress the balance a bit.

    Posted to John Mauldin's Outside the Box by John Mauldin on 01-19-2017
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  • Forecasting with Friends

    In some ways, I think it’s just entertainment. You might compare our prognosticating to what happens with NFL football. For weeks before the Super Bowl, we devoted fans will spend hours speculating on the game’s every detail. We’ll dissect the rosters, talk about each team’s strengths and weaknesses, debate game plans, and so on. Is any of this ritual necessary or useful? No, but it extends the experience and we enjoy it.

    Posted to Thoughts From The Frontline by John Mauldin on 01-19-2017
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  • Small Business Optimism Soars to Highest Level Since 2004

    Small businesses and entrepreneurs have had a rough time of it for these past eight years. New startups and entrepreneurial activity have pretty much been stagnant, weighed down by heavy regulation, high taxes and an economy that’s just been stumbling along. Yet in November and again December, there were signs of optimism and business renewal that could mark a real turnaround in the fortunes of small business.

    The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) reported last week that its Small Business Optimism Index soared in December by the most in one month since 1980, a year when another maverick conservative-leaning candidate surprised everyone and won the presidency. His name was Ronald Reagan.

    Another report out last week found that small businesses are now in the best financial shape since before the Great Recession based on revenues, cash-flows and sales.

    While the economy is still far from healthy, we have seen more positive news since the election. Today we’ll look at these two latest reports on small businesses -- and what President Trump will, and will not, be able to do with regard to rolling back onerous regulations early-on in his administration.

    Finally, we’ll look at an Investor’s Business Daily editorial last week that blows out of the water the liberals’ scare tactics when it comes to repealing Obamacare.

    Posted to Forecasts & Trends by Gary D. Halbert on 01-19-2017
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  • Another Price Setup with Oil and Gas Stock

    One of the key tenants of my Momentum Reversal trading is “waiting for the right trigger/event and getting in early”. I find this is one of the most difficult aspects for most clients to understand and master. Therefore, in an attempt to further...
    Posted to The Gold And Oil Guy by Chris Vermeulen on 01-18-2017
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