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  • Association for Investor Awareness - Week of 02/26/2009

    In This Issue:

    The Federal Bailout Is A Mixed Bag
    Capitulation May Have Been Reached
    Some Blue Chip Stocks Will Win Blue Ribbons
    A Speculation Is Also Attractive
    Gold Regains Its Appeal, But There Are Problems
    An Economic Indicator That We Can Love
    The Bottom Line This Week

    Since our last newsletter on January 29, the stock market took a sharp turn for the worse. In fact, calling it a "turn" is an understatement. "Plunge" would better describe the 9.6% and 4.4% declines in the Dow and the Nasdaq. The slide left the market at a 12 year low.

    Curiously, the plunge isn't due to another panic. At this point in the long bear market, most investors are too tired to sprint for the exits. Instead, many of them are dropping their gear and are simply walking off the field.