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  • Association for Investor Awareness - Week of 01/15/2009

    In This Issue:

    Sometimes Good News Can Be Bad News
    Treasury Bonds May Be A Bubble
    It’s Time To Choose Shorter Bond Maturities
    Three Ways To Win If Treasuries Decline
    Investing In Times Of Extremes
    Staying Healthy During Impossible Times
    The Bottom Line This Week

    The optimistic mood that lifted the stock market two weeks ago didn’t last very long. In fact it might have been the smallest January bounce on record. After the 2nd, prices started to move back down again.

    There is some solace in noting that the market is still up some 20% from where the zigzag rally started on November 21. Despite all the turmoil, it may turn out that the bear market reached bottom at that time. We shall know soon enough.

    In any event, by the time last Friday afternoon rolled around, the Dow and the Nasdaq were down 4.8% and 3.7% respectively. During the first three days of this week, the market continued to decline sharply as more disturbing economic numbers were announced.