Jim Rogers on two commodity opportunities
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On a recent CNBC appearance the legendary commodity investor and hedge fund manager Jim Rogers discussed the consequences of a global trade war.


Rogers said: "If the trade war gets worse, that's the end of the game. The world economy is going to be in trouble for a long time to come".


This trade war is precipitated by every major country’s desire to have a relatively cheap currency. A cheap currency at home bolsters demand for domestically produced goods around the world.


The problem is that every major currency is in a race to the bottom. No one wants an expensive currency, so major nations are in a suicide pact to devalue their currencies.


Rogers is currently bearish on most currencies, but he’s still bullish on commodities.


He said, "I'd rather buy commodities that are still depressed. Rice is depressed, even silver is 50% below its all time-high.”


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Posted 10-25-2010 4:00 PM by Ian Wyatt