Bernanke: Fed to Bail Out European Banks
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Europe’s banks are in trouble, big trouble. And the U.S. Federal Reserve is prepared to bail them out.

European banks are some of the biggest holders of debt (bonds) from Greece and other indebted Eurozone countries. And they will be big losers if Greece defaults on its debt payments. Throw in Italy and/or Spain and the scenario facing Euro-banks becomes a catastrophe.

Due to this risk, European banks are slowly but surely being cut off from the capital markets. U.S. money market funds, once a source of ready cash, are slashing the amount of money they lend to European banks.

To fill the shortfall, the U.S. Federal Reserve will join with a few other central banks to provide unlimited dollar loans to European banks.

While in the U.S. the Fed’s emergency lending programs have proved effective at keeping “too big to fail banks” afloat, Fed policy is powerless to help lower overall debt. And without lower debt levels, the U.S. and European economies will continue to stagnate for years to come.

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Posted 09-19-2011 4:12 PM by Ian Wyatt