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  • The Price of Gold Jumps!

    In This Issue.

    * Currencies remain in tight range .

    * Gold can't stand prosperity!.

    * Central Bank meetings all around .

    * Jim Rogers drops in .

  • Riksbank Changes Horses.

    In This Issue.

    * Risk Assets see some healing.

    * Central Bank meetings today.

    * China plays games with G-20.

    * U.S. data not so good.

  • Bank of Japan surprises the markets with aggressive stimulus.

    * BOJ gets aggressive...

    * Central bank decision day in Europe...

    * Chinas service industries expand.

    * Gold continues to drop - down $50 in 3 days.

  • Chinese Economy Turns On to Recovery Street!

    In This Issue.

    * Currencies trade in a tight range on Friday.

    * Currencies & metals rally overnight.

    * Norway, and others lead way this morning.

    * Central Bank meetings galore this week.

  • Jobs Jamboree Was UGLY!

    In This Issue.

    * Jobs are very disappointing.

    * The focus shifts to U.S. problems.

    * Gold soars $66!

    * Central Bank meetings galore this week!

  • Who's Reading The Pfennig?

    In This Issue.

    * Dollar & so-called Safe Havens rally.

    * U.K. news story sends risk assets reeling.

    * The markets now focus on Italian debt.

    * The poor Japanese Gov't & Central Bank.

  • Time To Celebrate.

    In This Issue.

    * Dollar rallies briefly on OBL news.

    * Big move down is in Silver.

    * Central Bank meetings this week.

    * Commodities are top dog again!

  • More QE On The Way?

    In This Issue.

    * Currencies trade tight range.

    * Gold & Silver back off.

    * Russian Central Bank hikes rates.

    * Oil backs off of $100.

  • Taking Back Lost Ground.

    In This Issue.

    * Bias to sell dollars remains in play.

    * Norway & Sweden gain.

    * Central Bank meetings today.

    * BOE see inflation pressures.

  • 5.7% Growth In The U.S.?

    In This Issue..

    * Currencies get sold VS the dollar...
    * A Budget Deficit of 10.6% of GDP!
    * 4 Central Bank meetings this week...
    * A lost decade of employment...

    Good day... And a Marvelous Monday to you! In addition, welcome to February! The looooonnnnngggg month of January finally came to an end yesterday. We'll begin to see the daylight last a little longer each day in February, and that's a good thing! I've got trips to Orlando and Arizona this month, so that should break the month up, and hopefully it will be March before we know it!

    Well... According to the U.S. Gov't statistics, we have nothing to fear any longer with regards to our economy, inflation, deficit spending, interest rates, etc., for you see, the 4th QTR GDP had a preliminary print of +5.7%! It's all seashells and balloons for us now folks... That's what the cable news guys said, and that's what's all over the news wires... Forget about saving, go out and spend, everybody's doing it, they say! Just fork over those Gold coins, there's no reason to buy them any longer, for everything is fine here in the U.S.... There's nothing to see here, move along......
  • Risk Aversion Creeps Back Into The Currencies...

    In This Issue..

    * Comments spook currency traders...
    * A$ hits 15-month high, this time going up!
    * Geithner as the "joker"?
    * China changes statement about the renminbi...

    Good day... And a Tub Thumpin' Thursday to you! It's a Thursday, and it's not raining here! YAHOO! After a week of Indian Summer weather, we're slowly creeping back to the colder weather, but still, better than most Novembers of the past, so far!

    That was a strange feeling yesterday, having a holiday in the middle of the week, but the day was nice, and I got to spend the day with my granddaughter, Delaney Grace, who sang me songs all day long!

    So... Last night, I'm doing some writing, and before I put the laptop to bed for the night, I checked the currencies, and while they had drifted in the early Asian session, the Big Dog, euro was still trading above 1.50, and the Aussie dollar (A$) had set a 15 month high of .9368... But when I turned the currency screens on this morning after arriving to a pitch black office, which is the way I like it this early in the morning, the euro had given back about 1/2 cent, and so had the A$... So, it was my mission to find out what caused this slippage......
  • U.S. Manufacturing Is Recovering...

    In This Issue..

    * A strong currency move Monday...
    * RBA leaves rates unchanged...
    * And moves bias to neutral...
    * Central Bank warnings have no teeth!

    Good day... And a Terrific Tuesday to you! First day back yesterday was a killer for yours truly... Went home, and went to sleep... But, I'm back today, and feeling good. I did something to my left knee on vacation that left me hobbling, and leaning on my cane more than I usually do. But today, it seems a bit better, so I've got that going for me!

    Yesterday, I left you with the euro popping back and forth over the 1.43 level... But in a wink of an eye, the 1.43 level was gone, and the euro was trading with a 1.44 level, and remained there the rest of the day, reaching 1.4420 for the high... As I turn on the screens this morning, I see that the single unit has gone to popping back and forth over the 1.44 level... You don't think it will get another sling-shot higher today do you?...