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  • Stratfor: Odds of War with Iran Spiking

    In just the last few weeks, we have learned several disturbing new things about Iran's nuclear capabilities. First, we discovered that Iran has a large secret uranium enrichment facility inside a mountain south of Tehran that we didn't previously know about. Second, shortly thereafter, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the U.N. nuclear oversight group, said that Iran is much more advanced in its nuclear program than the IAEA had thought previously. According to the report, Iran now has all the data needed to design a nuclear weapon.

    Third, was a revelation in the first days of October by the Times of London which reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to Moscow on September 7 to charge that Russian scientists and engineers are working directly with Iran on its nuclear weapons program. This intelligence suggests that Iran may be much further along in developing nuclear weapons than the international community previously believed.

    To give us insights on these latest revelations about Iran and its nuclear ambitions, we turn to our good friends at this week. Please read what follows very carefully.

  • What To Do About The Global Financial Crisis

    This week, we ponder whether the giant $700 billion bailout plan is large enough. There are some smart people who believe it is not enough, as you will read below. There are also many who argue that the government needs to inject capital directly into the largest banks to get them lending again. This morning, President Bush announced just such a plan to inject up to $250 billion in US banks in return for stock in their companies. I will discuss this latest bank rescue plan as we go along, as well as the progress on the larger bailout plan. Finally, I will give you thoughts on what you should be doing in the stock market in light of the latest historical plunge....
  • Should The US Negotiate With Iran On Iraq?

    Introduction US & Iran Finally Open Talks On Iraq The war in Iraq has gone dreadfully wrong. We all (liberals and conservatives) know that. The Bush administration was clearly unprepared for the Jihadist war and the sectarian violence that would follow...