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  • US Economy to Get a Hollywood Makeover

    You may have heard that the government is going to make some major changes in how our Gross Domestic Product is calculated later this year. Your first thought might be that this is no big deal. However, I will argue today that it is a very big deal, the biggest in a decade, and you need to know why. So I hope you read what follows with more than a passing interest.

    Last week, the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) announced it will be making some significant revisions to the way it calculates Gross Domestic Product in late July. This change is somewhat controversial in that it is expected to add a whopping 3% to GDP in one fell swoop in the last week of July. That’s about $1,500 worth of extra goods and services for every person in the US!

    The reason for the changes is the fact that our economy increasingly depends on the production of intangible goods, and we need to recognize that the production of ideas is an important form of investment. So in the future, the BEA is going to count a company’s research and development as a form ofinvestment just like the purchase of a new office building. And the creation of a lasting work of art – a painting, a movie, a television series, etc. – that can be sold year after year will, likewise, be treated as a capital investment.

    Today, I will talk about these sweeping changes and what they will mean for all of us.