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  • "Curiosity" – Return of American Exceptionalism

    It’s August; it’s hot; the Olympics have snagged our attention; and many people are on vacation. Given all those distractions, many people paid little attention to one of NASA's greatest accomplishments – the successful landing of the "Curiosity Rover" on Mars just after midnight on Monday, August 6. No other country on the planet could have pulled off this breathtaking and dangerous accomplishment. At once, American exceptionalism was reborn. So today, I will bring you the exciting highlights of this amazing accomplishment, along with some stunning photos from Mars. We can all be very proud!

    Before we get into that discussion, we look at some recent revelations from the Internal Revenue Service that are almost sure to make your blood boil. It turns out, after a government oversight investigation, that the IRS gave $6.8 billion in income tax refunds to illegal aliens last year. This is a bizarre story that you just have to read to believe. You wouldn’t think it, but millions of illegal aliens are filing fraudulent tax returns, even though they don’t have Social Security numbers, and the IRS is giving them billions in tax refunds each year. I'll explain how this is happening. Let’s get started.

  • Thoughts On China, The Olympics & Investing

    This week, I turn our attention to this year's Summer Olympics which will be held in China beginning this Friday, August 8 and running through the closing ceremonies on August 24, assuming all goes as planned. China has long been a mystery to the rest of the developed world, and the Olympics will no doubt shed much light on China, its communist government and its culture. Our friends at offer an interesting analysis of China from a political perspective and what that might mean for the Olympics. With their permission, I have reprinted that analysis in the pages that follow - enjoy. Finally, if you are invested in China, you might consider taking some profits this week, just in case anything bad should happen during the Olympics....