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  • Stratfor’s Annual Global Forecast for 2011

    Since January is the month for forecasts, today I present you with Stratfor’s global forecast for the New Year which was just released last week. Due to the length of the report, I could not reprint all of it below, but all of the main points are included. I trust you’ll find this forecast very interesting, and as always, I thank Stratfor for allowing me to reprint some of their work from time to time. I highly recommend that you subscribe at to stay a step ahead of world events.

  • Stratfor: Odds of War with Iran Spiking

    In just the last few weeks, we have learned several disturbing new things about Iran's nuclear capabilities. First, we discovered that Iran has a large secret uranium enrichment facility inside a mountain south of Tehran that we didn't previously know about. Second, shortly thereafter, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the U.N. nuclear oversight group, said that Iran is much more advanced in its nuclear program than the IAEA had thought previously. According to the report, Iran now has all the data needed to design a nuclear weapon.

    Third, was a revelation in the first days of October by the Times of London which reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to Moscow on September 7 to charge that Russian scientists and engineers are working directly with Iran on its nuclear weapons program. This intelligence suggests that Iran may be much further along in developing nuclear weapons than the international community previously believed.

    To give us insights on these latest revelations about Iran and its nuclear ambitions, we turn to our good friends at this week. Please read what follows very carefully.

  • The Recession & More Government Bailouts

    Well, the 'R' Word (recession) can now be officially used to describe the US economy since the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) declared that we have been in a recession since December of 2007. Considering the back-dated nature of NBER's announcement, we find ourselves in the midst of the third longest recession since the Great Depression, with no end yet in sight. No wonder the Treasury and Fed are pulling out all of the stops to bail out the economy. This week, I'm going to discuss the current bleak economic picture, the Fed's latest bailout and the possible long-term consequences of the Fed's printing money....
  • Credit Crisis: Do Bush & Paulson Have A Clue?

    The latest about-face by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson - abandoning the plan to buy up troubled assets from banks, and shifting to more large equity infusions - has lawmakers and investors wondering if President Bush and the Treasury have any clue as to how to solve the financial crisis. But before we get into that, we look at the latest analysis from on the financial crisis we are in. And finally, we take a look at the current state of the economy and the recession. News continues to worsen, especially forecasts for 4Q GDP, which many economists and analysts now believe could be negative 4-5%. All of this continues to weigh on the stock markets, which as this is written, are threatening to make new lows....
  • Thoughts On China, The Olympics & Investing

    This week, I turn our attention to this year's Summer Olympics which will be held in China beginning this Friday, August 8 and running through the closing ceremonies on August 24, assuming all goes as planned. China has long been a mystery to the rest of the developed world, and the Olympics will no doubt shed much light on China, its communist government and its culture. Our friends at offer an interesting analysis of China from a political perspective and what that might mean for the Olympics. With their permission, I have reprinted that analysis in the pages that follow - enjoy. Finally, if you are invested in China, you might consider taking some profits this week, just in case anything bad should happen during the Olympics....
  • Stratfor On The War In Iraq After Five Years

    March marked the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq. The troop "surge" that President Bush ordered last year has led to much more success in Iraq, but we hear little about the good news from the media. This week, I have reprinted a recent analysis on the war in Iraq...
  • Stratfor: The US Economy & The Next "Big One"

    The conventional wisdom on Wall Street seems to be that we have now entered into a recession. While I'm not yet ready to get on that bandwagon, I do see it as a definite possibility in light of ongoing weak economic reports. If we do experience a recession, the next question is whether this is going to be the "big one," somewhat akin to the 1930s Depression....