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  • Should You Abandon the Market?

    A recent article in the Wall Street Journal documented how more and more investors are choosing to opt out of the stock market, vowing never to return. With the market's direction lately being more of a function of what's going on in Greece than on Wall Street, it's understandable that investors are getting tired of up and down swings of over 200 points in the Dow.

    The most troubling aspect of the article, however, is that many of the Baby Boomers who are bailing out of the stock market have not saved enough for retirement. With yields at all-time lows in most fixed-rate investments, it's going to be hard to obtain much growth outside of the equity market. The result could be a retirement crisis in the making.

    It's a tough choice - stay in the market for growth and risk fierce bear markets, or remain on the sidelines and pare back your plans for retirement. Fortunately, there's an answer to this dilemma in the form of the Metropolitan Capital Strategies managed accounts. Metropolitan stays in the safety of a money market account until it's proprietary system signals a 90% confidence level of a near-term gain. Best of all, it places the decision of when to enter and exit the market in the hands of experienced professionals. This week, I'll explain why Metropolitan is definitely a money manager you should look into.