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  • Will Baby Boomers Wreck the Market? (The Sequel)

    Almost six years ago, I wrote an article about whether the Baby Boomers would crash the stock market when they retired. That dated article is still among the most viewed by visitors on our website even though a lot has happened in the financial world since it was written.

    The premise is that as Baby Boomers retire, they will cash in stocks in favor of lower-risk investments, thus tanking the stock markets. In my earlier E-Letter, I analyzed this claim and concluded that retiring Baby Boomers were not likely to negatively affect the stock markets in a major way for a variety of reasons.

    However, since writing that article in August of 2006 we've experienced a global financial crisis and major bear market in stocks. Would my advice be the same today?

    Because of the popularity of this topic, I am going to revisit the idea that retiring Baby Boomers may crash the stock market. Now that the oldest Boomers are actually retiring, it will be interesting to see if the answer is any clearer now than in 2006.