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Have You Seen This?

Have You Seen This?

                                Gurus Ring the Bell


Ahh, the newsletter crowd is getting bullish. My inbox is full of stock-picking gurus saying now’s the time to be bold and buy stocks. Fear is rampant, they say. Distant relatives are calling in the wee hours asking for advice. The VIX is at an all time high. 59% of respondents to a CNN poll feel a depression is either very likely or somewhat likely.


And you know what? I agree. About being bullish, not about depression.


My trading guru, Benson George, the man behind TradeMaster Daily Stock Alerts saw a silver lining to Monday’s gut-wrenching decline. Namely, the 800 point sell-off came on relatively light volume.


I know, it’s a little difficult to call an 800 point drop orderly, but if there ever was an orderly decline, that was it.


Then there was the substantial recovery off the lows. Clearly, buyers are seeing value at current prices. Now, how long it will take for the buyers to gain the upper hand remains to be seen.


I do know that if Bernanke is trying to prep the market for a rate cut at the upcoming FOMC meeting on October 29th, he should save his breath. We’re ready. Do it. Do it now.


Victor Sperandeo, of Trader Vic fame, maintained in one of his books that the key to making an interest rate move effective was surprise. Fed moves work best when they are a surprise. And any action that comes during a FOMC meeting is not a surprise.


Bernanke should pull another fast one and cut rates 20 minutes before the market opens tomorrow. That’ll help certain companies’ balance sheets immediately. Bill Gross over at PIMCO wants a full point rate cut. Sounds good to me. At this point, it’s about investor confidence. A big rate cut would definitely help.



                                    A Bottom or THE Bottom?


Of course, I have to hedge my rally call. I do think we’re set for some kind of a rally. But I’m not, repeat not, ringing the bell at the bottom. I’m on record saying that employment has to show improvement before there’s sustainable upside for stocks. And the U.S economy is on pace to lose a million jobs in 2008.


No economy can lose that many jobs and still manage to grow significantly. And don’t forget, consumers don’t have the extra refi cash they used to fuel the last bull market.


In other words, there’s upside for stocks in terms of valuation. But growth? I’m not sold on that one just yet. Still, every one knows the story of how Warren Buffett made his fortune buying beaten down stocks in the 70s.


                                               Earnings Season


I wonder if all the newly bullish realize that earnings season kicked off today with Alcoa (NYSE:AA)? With so much going on, it would be easy to miss. But there’s no way earnings are good. And there may be a few nasty surprise waiting in 10Qs. Because what the heck, when news is already bad, you might as well get it all out there, right?


That’s probably why Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) chose to announce a secondary offering to raise cash at the same time it announced a 68% drop in earnings. You might think investors would be glad that BofA even had earnings.


I can only guess that, somehow, the $10 billion stock offering put a damper on the enthusiasm. And the fact that offering was only two-thirds subscribed probably didn’t help. Neither did the 50% cut in dividend. (Of course, it’s only polite to rein in your own spending when you’re begging for cash, but that doesn’t mean investors have to like it.)


BofA got whacked for better than 24%. And by my rough calculations, that accounts for 20% of the Dow’s drop today.


Here are some stocks I’m targeting for a valuation-based bounce:


General Electric (NYSE:GE) jumps to mind. That stock has hit an 11-year low. It’s important to note that GE has to access the credit markets to fund operations, which could be problematic. But on the other hand, GE’s already done a secondary, and Buffett added some liquidity as well. Earnings are October 10.


Intel (Nasdaq:INTC) quickly recovered from these levels back in 2002. Before that, you’d have to go back to 1996 to find the last time it was under $17. Earnings are October 15.


And Verizon (NYSE:VZ) has hit support at $30 that dates back to 1995. They report on October 27.


I’m sure there are some more speculative stocks that might fare better in a liquidity driven bounce. But for short-term trading opportunities, I favor the blue chips. And for the record, I’d rather buy AIG than anything emerging market related. And I’m not buying AIG. 


Best regards,


Ian Wyatt

Chief Investment Strategist

Growth Report


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Posted 10-07-2008 4:13 PM by Ian Wyatt
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