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Have You Seen This?

Have You Seen This?

FINALLY, YOUR CLEAN GREEN WEEKEND UPDATE Don’t forget about me, says the green clean business sector.  Good point.  Since the blow off top in the solar stocks and my resulting recommendation to take some profits in solar and clean green alternative energy stocks in general, I’ve stopped writing about this sector as much as I was.  It’s not that I don’t like the group longer term – in fact I just read where solar installation base in the US is up 70% over last year!  It’s just that when the general stock market goes down, most everything will follow it down at one point or another and its recently been alternative energy’s time to slump along with oil peaking starting off 2008.  I ate my own cooking and from November through early January I sold First Solar (FSLR), SunPower (SPWR), Hoku Scientific (HOKU), Evergreen Solar (ESLR), Comverge (COMV), Ormat (ORA), Quantum Fuels and a number of others.  But just to avoid a big decline.  Hey, I’m a trader at heart and thus I hate to give any money back.  I don’t want to see any large drawdowns as again the first rule in investing, drummed into my head by reading lots of stock market books over the years is:  “Don’t Lose Money!”  Schwartz View:  On the other hand I want to get back into all the above stocks again, and more, asap.   I just don’t know quite when.  I’m still figuring that this first year of a bear market may show more commodity strength and thus strength in related areas like oil, coal and clean alternative plays than the bears expect so the clean green sector may hold up for awhile longer this year.  But if Papa Bear really does arrive on Wall Street with ferocity, then that will be the time to buy.  No matter what happens going forward, and whomever becomes the next US president, there is now a global critical mass surrounding the alternative, clean energy sector.  So I want to be heavily overweight this sector for the future.  Why not make a bundle on something positive, the switch away from dirty power and to clean power?  A 2-fer!

Posted 02-21-2008 8:54 AM by Richard Schwartz