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Have You Seen This?

Have You Seen This?



I realize I should go back and update my various recommendations, especially my investment themes, more often.  If you follow and buy into some of these themes you’d certainly want to see some updates.


So this morning let me update my latest theme, that of investing in companies which offer other businesses ways to save on energy use and thereby overhead and money.  Last I wrote about buying these energy saving companies was to recommend:  “Respecting the Bear But Nibble On Weakness.”  Thus, here’s a compiled table of my recommended companies below.  Some of which are obviously correcting in price as the price of crude oil moves lower.  Certainly most of the below companies are NOT immune to lower oil which makes the need for their services, short term, seemingly diminish.  But it gives us, those of us who believe the world, and most companies’ business models, are going to continue to move inexorably towards more efficient energy use, the opportunity to buy on weakness, the ideal way for long term investors to buy.  Modeling Warren Buffett, whose key criteria is price, the lower the better, on sale, after a fire even better.



June 13th 2008 Recommendations


Buy         July 14th Current

                                                                Price      Price      Price      Chart/Business Update

CPST      Capstone Turbine Corp.     $3.41       3.50         3.06         Correcting from peak $4.42 on June 23rd

BCON     Beacon Power                       $1.72       1.30         1.29         Another in a sharp pullback, a buy opportunity

WGOV   Woodward Governor          $37.78     35.64       45.00       Up, up and away after a good earnings report

MXWL  Maxwell Technologies        $12.57     11.11       13.47       Up as companies keep buying more product

CHP        C&D Tech                             $8.40       8.74         8.03         Correcting a big move up


June 18th 2008 Recommendations

COMV    Comverge Inc.                      $12.73     13.95       10.90       Fallen to support on new competition

ENOC     EnerNOC, Inc.                       $15.65     20.74       16.14       Like COMV, pulling back on new competitors

ITRI        Itron, Inc.                               $94.75     88.60       92.33       Earnings good; high price a bit scary

BMI        Badger Meter                        $50.04     52.50       56.33       In uptrend; analysts 1 buy, 3 holds, 1 sell


July 15th Recommendations

                                                                                July 15th


ALTI      Altair Nanotech                                    $1.83       2.68         Stock taking off; earnings/news good            

AMSC    American Superconductor                      $32.15     39.49       After sharp correction, uptrend has resumed.


Disclaimer!  I own a little of Altair, Beacon, Capstone, Comverge and EnerNOC and am watching the others for “buy on weakness” opportunities although I hesitate buying many/any very high priced stocks during bear markets.


Posted 08-01-2008 8:35 AM by Richard Schwartz
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