The Great Recession Unfolds This Way
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Have You Seen This?



Ok, after much consideration, here’s my conclusion as to what unfolds going forward.  The economy struggles through but survives the next few years.  About 20% of Americans have a very, very difficult time out of work and out of hope but the other 80% make out all right.  Similar to the 1930s when those with a job managed.  Today the US economy is so deep and varied, meaning there is so much diversification, that there will be areas of growth and even prosperity along with much despair.  The stock market, in its infinite wisdom and with its amazing discounting faculty, based on the government having prevented an all out total collapse, sees this and settles down.  And this mini bull market lasts and lasts confounding the adamant bears.  But somewhere along the line we get a recession within this Great Recession, just like hit America in the 1930s when we got a “depression within the depression” after a five year hiatus and stock market run up, which hit in 1937-1938 when the market crashed big time. This time it will be a recession within a recession because of all the safety nets put in place after and as a result of the Great Depression of the 1930s.  What will cause this second down turn will be the other 80% of Americans retrenching.  I mean the 80% of Americans who are monitoring today’s troubles but not being directly affected by today’s high and rising unemployment are continuing their current lifestyles, meaning continuing their current over spending habits without (m)any changes today.  I see this going on all around me.  People still working aren’t cutting back much, it’s only those rich and not so rich alike who have been struck head-on by today’s sudden economic downturn, who have been FORCED to cut back.  The other 80% while being a bit more cautious are continuing their too abundant lifestyles.  Myself I’m not exactly sure what will cause this second and more all-encompassing retrenchment but I believe it does lie ahead.  Likely some “Black Swan” event, some unpredictable sudden shock.  But the domino, rippling outward series of cutbacks now working their way through America will be partially to blame, having weakened the foundation.  I must say driving through the village of New Paltz, NY this morning, probably the most vivacious and bustling town in the Catskills or mid-Hudson River valley region partially buoyed by its SUNY college, I saw more 'For Sale' and 'For Rent' and 'For Lease' signs than ever before in my ten year history living here.  Ironically it’s the old paradox of thrift which may get us over time.  Meaning savings is good for the individual but bad for the overall economy.  For more, agree or disagree, email me at [email protected] for a sample of my daily "learning, teaching, always evolving stock market letter and advisory service."

Posted 07-28-2009 1:16 PM by Richard Schwartz