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Starting back in December 2006, I started writing about the next BIG THING.  And have updated it for you continuously ever since.  Happily I started on this theme right before the 2007 boom in solar stocks.  Since I eat my own cooking, so to speak, I was able to capture some doubles and more in companies like First Solar (FSLR), Suntech Power (STP) and a couple others.  Hope you were too.  That solar boom is over, for the moment -- a good time to nibble, with today’s oversupply of solar but other subsectors of the greater clean green energy universe are now having their day in the sun (pun intended).  “Smart grid” stocks, those that help reduce, measure and regulate power usage have recently been hot and I’ve long recommended EnerNOC (ENOC) and Comverge (COMV).  Disclaimer!  I own small portions of both but can and do change positions without notice.  And that’s even before America really starts to modernize our national power grid.  Wind and natural gas stocks have been doing well now as have battery and other storage technology after General Motors threw out that figure of over 200 miles per gallon coming with their Chevy Volt.  I did publish a decently all-encompassing list back on June 6th, 2008, right in the midst of the 17-month downtrend and asked you to “print, keep handy and archive” it for future use.  Last Wednesday, I listed a few additional technology companies which have one foot in clean green and before that, on September 18th, I posted a winnowed down list of my  December 2006 list of about 80 clean green companies outperforming for possible near term trades.  And of course a couple times recently I’ve again recommended that new clean green global mutual fund that Steve Leuthold and crew are now offering, which I recommended to you just back in July, that’s Leuthold Clean Green Tech (symbol LGCTX).


I CONTINUE TO BELIEVE THIS IS SHOULD BE #1 THEME FOR LONG TERM INVESTORS and thus let me pound the table again today (even though it’s not Friday when I’ve gotten in the habit of giving you YOUR CLEAN GREEN WEEKEND UPDATE; I’m a man of routine my friends say.).  Just want to point out that holding a bunch of clean green stocks is still working well.  What I’m finding is that some good news item seems to pop every few days about one of the stocks in my own IRA portfolio, almost totally composed of small lots of lots of clean green companies, and/or also for many of those stocks on my larger shopping list of clean green.  My IRA is up over +30% this year and I’m only 50% invested!  (Note!  I’d be much less invested if this was my fund management money.  Like monies that are designated to only go into sector funds or that only can be moved around minimally or that has no clean green choices, again like the money management I do for others.)  Anyway, whether it be wind, geothermal, energy storage, battery technology, fuel cells, etc. etc, whatever, there are lots of clean green  niches, I’d buy ‘em all and cover all bases.  Yesterday one US wind company got a big contract from a Chinese firm and popped +10% (in a ragged stock market), that’s happened numerous times as China pushes clean green too.  Back a week ago a reader sent me an email that three of his very low priced clean greens were all up nicely that day when he checked.  I hold one of them so I won’t mention that name but two others I used to hold, not right now but maybe I’ll buy them back on weakness down the road, were Medis Tech (symbol MDTL) up +24% and Hydrogenics (HYGS) up +13%.  Schwartz View:  Bottom line, pull out my original shopping list of clean green, which I’ve run in various and updated forms numerous times over the last couple of years, review it and then buy small amounts of lots of clean green stocks.  That way when a breakthrough occurs, wherever you’ll benefit while the rising tide carries all ships (almost all) over time.  That was my original game plan for all of us and remains so and continues working nicely.  By the way I’d buy BEFORE the scheduled December Copenhagen global conference.  The rationale again is the world is going clean green because it has to.  We all know that.  Going clean green creates new jobs which we desperately need, cuts down on oil money somehow finding its way into terrorists hands and respects and protects Mother Earth.  And when we forget we have to go green for a brief moment, some report about global warming comes out and reminds us..  China knows it, Europe knows it and America, our scientists, our government, our businesses (who wants rules in place so they can move forward with capital spending plans), our venture capitalists know it and our everyday Americans  know it.  All except for the pure unadulterated capitalists holdout contingent who won’t admit such because in their blindered view “it hurts business.”   Let me say again:  There is a critical mass for going Code Green and a critical mass means there’s no stopping it, maybe something, some event, can hold it back for a time, but there’s no stopping it. 




Come on, get on board!

Posted 10-01-2009 8:24 AM by Richard Schwartz