The Morning Call - 10/21/2008
Steve Cook on Disciplined Investing


Have You Seen This?


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Have You Seen This?



   This Week’s Data


            The leading economic indicators for September rose .3% versus expectations that they would be unchanged.




            Housing data from southern California shows improvement:



            A long term chart of the dollar:







Gerrymandering and lack of term limits are part of the problem:


In case you missed this gem--Biden on Obama:


  International War Against Radical Islam


The Market


    Technical/ Fundamental


            More technical data from Traderfeed:



            A look at volatility:



            An update of quarterly earnings reports:





            Stock prices continued the advance yesterday.  If one were to hypothesize (which I am) that stocks are for the moment in a trading range defined by DJIA 7859--9707 (admittedly, the 9707 resistance level is iffy), then yesterday’s close puts stock prices in the upper 25% of that range. 


            In our current strategy that means that our Portfolios should be raising cash from their current 20.5% position toward 25%.  My focus is on those stocks that have had a poor relative recovery off their lows. 


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Posted 10-21-2008 5:20 AM by Steve Cook