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Have You Seen This?


   This Week’s Data

    The International Council of Shopping Centers reported weekly sales of major retailers up .1% versus the prior week and up 1.3% versus the comparable period in 2007; this is its strongest performance in six weeks. 

    Redbook Research reported month to date retail chain store sales down .4% on a year over year basis--its best result in four weeks.

    Auto sales fell off a cliff in November:


    A positive outlook in an otherwise dismal economic environment:

    Calculating the total bailout cost:



Get ready for card check:

    Shelving the windfall profits tax; score another for Obama:

  International War Against Radical Islam

The Market
    Technical/ Fundamental

    A study of the ‘January effect’ as it applies to small cap stocks:

    Stock market performance during recession (a graphic history):

    A not very positive outlook from Bill Gross (PIMCO)--his forecast implies high quality companies that dominate their industry and have sound balance sheets will be the winners:


    Stocks staged a solid rally yesterday with the indices (DJIA 8429, S&P 849) closing above both their 10/10 lows and the downtrend line off their November high.  There was virtually no follow through from Monday’s huge decline; so it would seem stocks have passed their first test of the 10/10-11/19 lows.  The volatility index declined though it remains at stratospheric levels (62); and volume didn’t improve much (a negative).
    A great article on the positives of dividend investing:

     As I noted yesterday, I want to be really careful playing stocks first test of the 10/10-11/19 lows (assuming that they represent some sort of bottoming process).  The Monday/Tuesday pin action appeared to have been that first test; as a result, our Portfolios nibbled at stocks yesterday.  However, it looks like the Market is going to open down this morning; so before continuing to put money to work, I want to be sure yesterday’s bounce was for real.  Below are the stocks to be Added to; but let’s see how stocks trade in the first hour before committing additional cash.  At the moment, no action is being taken.

Posted 12-03-2008 8:32 AM by Steve Cook