Monday Morning Chartology-11/8/2010
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Have You Seen This?

The Market

      Monday Morning Chartology

    The break to the upside in the S&P is clear.  We need a couple more days above 1220 to confirm.


    Gold continues to look great.


    VIX re-enters its down trend--a positive for stocks.   

    This is a great chart reflecting the duration and magnitude of the current rally versus prior rallies (chart):

    Ten ways to survive inflation (medium):

    CEO’s are becoming more optimistic (short):

    The latest data on the third quarter’s earnings ‘beat’ rate short):


   This Week’s Data


    The latest ECRI weekly leading indicator:

    Friday’s better than expected nonfarm payroll report notwithstanding, the job recovery is still anemic (chart):

    To further put it in perspective (short):

    The financial crisis--it was the banks, stupid (medium and today’s most read):

Posted 11-08-2010 8:25 AM by Steve Cook