Monday Morning Chartology-1/24/11
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Have You Seen This?

The Market

      Monday Morning Chartology

    The S&P continues to give no sign of a retreat.

    GLD is sitting right on its intermediate term up trend.  As I noted Friday, any penetration on a closing basis will result in our Portfolios lightening up on this position.


    And in the related silver market (short):!+Mail

    I re-drew the down trend lines to broaden the channel on the VIX.  Viewing it this way casts a more negative light on the trend (more positive for stocks).


    More on the VIX (short):!+Mail

    Neither of these charts will get you feeling warm and fuzzy about the Market:

    Update on the sentiment indicators (charts):!+Mail

    The end of the correlation of asset classes (short):

    GDP growth versus Market appreciation post recession (charts and today’s must read):

    More on duration and intensity of this rally (medium):

    This is a thought provoking piece on whether or not we are in the midst of a commodity bubble (medium):


   This Week’s Data


    The weekly ECRI leading index continues to improve (chart):

    More anecdotal evidence of a recovery (short):

    Traffic at the LA port continues to expand (short):

    Global production and trade at record highs (short):

    More on M2 growth (medium):



Here is another example where Obama could apply His new found enthusiasm for deregulation (short):

    The Obama/Immelt (GE CEO and new head of the Council of Jobs and Competitiveness) connection (medium):

Posted 01-24-2011 8:21 AM by Steve Cook