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Have You Seen This?


   This Week’s Data




Obama’s coming trade decisions (long):

More of your tax dollars at work (short):

    The government has been administering the healthcare system for native Americans for decades.  Want to know how that has worked out?  Read this (medium):

  International War Against Radical Islam

The Market

    An interesting chart on the S&P advance/decline line:

    Monday morning humor (short):

    Monday morning thoughts from TraderFeed:

    A not so positive look at corporate profits (medium):

     Thoughts on Investing—more excerpts from The Money Game
    ‘(Managing money)..requires emotional maturity.  You have to use your emotions in a useful way.  Your emotions must support  the goal you’re after.  You can’t have any conflict about what you’re after, and your emotional needs must be gratified by succeeding at what you are doing.  In short you have to be able to handle any situation without losing your cool, or letting your emotions take over.  You must operate without anxiety.  ....the real test is how you behave when the crowd is roaring the other way.’
    Because ‘a crowd doesn’t reason, it only thinks that it reasons; what it does actually is to accept a series of images, not necessarily connected by any logical bond of succession, and this explains why contradictory ideas can occur simultaneously.  The crowd is suggestible to images, and what produces the images is “the judicious employment of words and formulas.  Handled with art, they possess in sober truth the mysterious power formerly attributed to them by the adepts of magic”  ...words like “liberty” and “democracy” and “fifty-four forty or fight” but “growth” or “Xerox” (note; today we might substitute “Google” or “Apple”) will do just as well.  All that is necessary is to recognize the magic power attached to those short syllables as if they contained the solutions of all our problems.  They synthesize the most diverse unconscious aspirations and the hope of their realization.’


Posted 08-31-2009 8:29 AM by Steve Cook