TALF, Another failed policy?
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Have You Seen This?


   This Week’s Data

    The International Council of Shopping Centers reported weekly sales of major retailer down .6% versus the prior week and down .8% versus the comparable period in 2008; Redbook Research reported month to date retail chain store sales down 1.5% on a year over year basis.

    Auto sales were down 40% in February:

    The nonstatistical news yesterday was the announcement of the general terms for the so called TALF plan which another government lending facility.  This particular fund will loan money to private investors to underwrite consumer credit card debt, auto loans and other asset backed securities.  As I understand this program, the loans must be AAA rated, they must be new loans--not those that the banks are currently choking on and the taxpayers are taking most of the risk.  My bottom line: it will only be helpful at the margin and more importantly it does nothing to correct the main problem our economy faces, to wit, a sick banking system.  Until we solve the bank balance sheet problem, nothing has changed.

    Data on problem banks from the FDIC:

    Data on loan delinquency rates:

    Barry Ridholtz on the AIG bailout:
    The odds of a depression:



More on our immigration policy:

    Potential good news:

  International War Against Radical Islam

    A new policy for handling terrorists?:

The Market

    A pretty strong argument for a technical bounce:   

    A history of market performance in years with a terrible start:

    The Averages (DJIA 6726, S&P 676) seemed to take a breather yesterday; but remain in a water fall formation.  I am hoping that somehow we get some sort of climatic selling and a bounce long before equity prices approach the only visible support levels (thirty year uptrend line [DJIA 3554, S&P 446]/ the 1994 lows [DJIA 3871, S&P 581]) that I see.  In the meantime about the only firm number to watch is the old support level (DJIA 7146, S&P 741) which now has become resistance levels.   Bottom line: the trend is down until it is not. 

    Charlie Gasparino on what’s wrong with the Market:

    Another problem in stock land:   

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