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BaSO4 Chemical Name
Classy Precipitated Barium Sulfate 98%-98.5% / Barium Sulphate /blanc fixe/Natural BaSO4/barite powder/ chemical

Produce barium sulfate by processing and purifying barite. It is almost insoluble in water, ethanol and acid. It is dissolved in the concentrated sulfuric acid.
Typical properties:
1.  Resistant to acids and alkalis.
2.  Insoluble in water and organic solvents
3.  An inert product which is lightfast and weather‑resistant
4.  Colour‑neutral, due to its low refractive index
5.  Extremely narrow particle‑size range for high gloss specifications
6.  Extremely good wettability due to low specific surface area
7.  Low abrasion during processing, due to low Mohs hardness
Technical Data Sheet:
Density    4.5 min
Oil absorption g /100g   13
BaSO4      98.5
Fe2O3      0.004max
D50 um    0.5-0.7
Al2O3       0.01max
Silicate     0.01max
Heavy metal    0.01max
Salt soluble      0.2max
Moisture 0.2max
L.O.I         0.5max
Whiteness       98min
Packing    25kg/bag or follow customer's designChina BaSO4 manufacturers

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