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PVC floor for hospital Introduction
PVC Vinyl Flooring is extremely durable ,having very high resistance against dents and scratches ,which is a major issue with solid wooden flooring. Well installed and adequately maintained ,the can last up to 20 years or more.
Unlike to penetrate the sheets or tiles of  flooring, PVC Vinyl Flooring is very resistant to dirt and staining .As such ,maintaining PVC Flooring requires little other than sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, unlike solid wooden flooring which requires specialized cleaners periodically.
Features of hospital PVC floor
Non-directional design
5.The product surface protection system in times of competing products to double the average thickness of surface durability.
6.High strength and abrasion resistance
7.Jewel like hard and translucent, add special ingredients to make high strength and abrasion resistance, scratch injury, no scar
8.Densely compacted homogenous floor covering for improved wear and ease of maintenance
9.Non-directional polychrome design
10.Incorporate bacteriostatic and fungistatic actions

Directional design
1.High performance flexible homogeneous multipurpose flooring.        
2.Directional design
3.PUR Protection, special maintenance treatment for ease of maintenance.
4.Densely compacted surface for improved wear maintenance
5.Anti-bacterial and fungicidal
7.Compact sheet, without foam backing
Application Case of PVC floor for hospital
Good compressive and wear resistance performance
Advantages of PVC Flooring.
1.Durability :PVC vinyl flooring is one of the most durable flooring types available .It is commonly installed in places that usually receive high footfall.
2.Inexpensive: It is also less expensive that many other flooring types.
5.Anti-static: Certain variations of vinyl floors have anti static properties which means you are safe from static current passing from the floor.
6.Aesthetics: With PVC flooring tiles you could create beautiful patterns and enhance the appearance of your home and office.

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
Rolled by paper core, then covered by waterproof Kraft paper.
1. Q:How big is your processing site?
A: About 12000 square meters.
2.. Q: How about your payment?
A: In general, T / T is the most popular, or we can discuss the other ways later.
3. Q: Did you test all the goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we have 100% of the pre-test delivery.
4..Q: How do you make our business to keep a long-term and good relationship?
A:We believe that honesty, trustworthiness, maintaining good quality is the best way to maintain our business development. Of course there is always a competitive price at good quality to ensure the benefit of our Hospital Pvc Flooring

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