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Shenzhen QianYuan Biotechnology co., LTD. Is a collection of biological products, protein gene recombination products (recombinant human growth hormone), synthetic peptide products, pharmaceutical intermediate technology research and development, production, sales in one company.
The company's main products are recombinant human growth hormone, HGH, GH, igf-1-lr3, HCG, ghrp-6, cjc-1295, Melanotan II and other biological and peptide products.
Shenzhen QianYuan Biotechnology co., LTD. Has abundant growth hormone products and obvious advantages in recombinant human growth hormone technology.By a number of academicians, experts, doctors, researchers and other technical research and development team.It is one of the most advanced companies in the biological products industry.Ipamorelin 5mg manufacturers

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