Traffic Advisor
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• DC12V  or  24V
• Red,blue,amber,white colors optional
• Two button switch, one is on/off,the other is flash patterns
• 5 flash patterns selectable
• mounting bracket combining hook to install
• One year warranty
• IP67 Water-proof
• Anti-vibration
• Temperature -40℃- +55℃  
• "PC" dome, Aluminum alloy base
The Slim LED Traffic Adviser light bar is widely used in public safety for safety warning and direction show the directions on the way.
The Slim LED Traffic Advisor light bar comes with 8pcs of LED, and with 5 selection patterns to choose under the control of switch.
【Packing Information】
Packing weight:26KG  Packing size:97*17.5*39cm  Packing Qty:10pc
【Factory and Carton Fairs】
1. Engineering vehicles: excavator, dozer, road roller, bulldozer, crane and mining truck etc.
2. Special vehicle: fire engine, police cars, rescue vehicle, communication vehicle, military command vehicle etc.
3. Off road vehicle: ATVs, SUV, truck, Fork lift, trains, boat, bus, and tanks.
4. Indoor & Outdoor uses: Back up light, Off Road Lighting, Truck, Trailer Interior & Exterior Lighting,  Construction Lighting, Garden, Backyard Lighting and Boat Lighting.Traffic Advisor

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