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ProductAnniversary Greeting Cards
Material210g ivory paper
Printing4C printing
ColorPantone Color or CMYK
SurfaceHot Foil
HandleRibbon handle
Size17*21 cm
Customized size is acceptable
CertificationBSCI, FSC, Disney, BV-DDS, Reach
LogoAccept customized logo
MOQ500pcs for stock; 3000pcs for bulk
ApplicationPackaging for Gift, Cosmetics, Shopping, AD, Apparel, Food etc
PackagingS: 12pcs/OPP, 480pcs/CTN
M: 12pcs/OPP, 360pcs/CTN
L: 12pcs/OPP, 240pcs/CTN
We don鈥檛 need to fit faces, sunsets, or bird calls into set categories to perceive, enjoy, and appreciate them, and it seems constrictive to do so. Why should the enjoyment and appreciation of wine be any different? Surely some of the aromas and flavors of some wines fall between the categorial cracks. As I said when I began, I drink a lot of wine but don鈥檛 talk about it a lot. This paper is an exception. Its main point has been very simple: most wine knowledge does not directly enhance the pleasures to be had in drinking wine.Greeting Cards manufacturers

Posted 09-01-2020 8:48 PM by astao345
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