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Quick Detail:
Main Material:polyesterColor :
Place Of Origin:Yantai ,ChinaStyle :Casual
Usage:Daily lifeFeature:Light,soft,durable
Closure Type:OpenTechnics :sew
Produdt Description:
wool woven handbags for women. crochet drawstring bag.
Description of wool yarn article number:
Since wool (yarn) is a bulk trade in the upstream of the industrial chain, there are special cases of material or commodity identification, and the identification method of a certain specification of wool (yarn) is not based on a unique article number.
But it is divided into material, color number, cylinder number (batch number).
The material is used to distinguish the raw material of wool, the color number is used to distinguish different colors or patterns of yarns of the same specification, and the cylinder number is updated continuously according to the production batch.
In principle, products of the same specification and different cylinder sizes cannot be mixed in order to avoid uneven color of woven goods.
This kind of material distinguishing method is the established standard in the wool (yarn) trade.
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