Non-Woven Abrasives Wheel manufacturers
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鈼?Deburring after drilling (before copper plating)
鈼?Grinding prior to dry-film lamination.
鈼?Surface finishing prior to solder resist.
Features & Benefits
By employing ultra fine fibers thinly coated with resin bond realizes minifying of buff dust size and improves uniformity of abrasive coating.
This contributes to minimize clogging of holes and improve surface roughness, so that uniform surface finish without polishing variation and wild scratches can be obtained.
鈼?Preparation of final treatment of stainless steel and aluminium surfaces.
鈼?Finishing, cleaning and blending.
鈼?Suitable for various applications on wood and plastics
鈼?Additional cloth inserts allow a higher stock removal and coarser grain finish (Interleaved Wheels)
Non-woven abrasives are made of nylon fleece fibres with the abrasive grains spread evenly within. The elastic material adjusts to every surface and allows constant and reproducible working results. The cool running avoids smearing or otherwise discolouring the workpiece. Nylon fleece wheels are resistant against humidity and do not clog.
Non Woven/Scouring Wheel/Scotchbrite Wheel
Sizes: 6鈥?X 1鈥? 6鈥?X 2鈥? 8鈥?X 1鈥? 8鈥?X 2鈥? 4鈥?X 4鈥?With hole)
Grit: 100/180/280/400/600Non-Woven Abrasives Wheel manufacturers

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