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Description: Bowling Drilling Machine
Applicable Ball Type: All kinds of bowling ball
Component of:
Position on Machine:
Material: Metal
Weight: 120kgs / pc
Size: 120cm*60cm*140cm
Packaging: Wooden case
Lead Time: Within 7 days
Warranty: One Year
Picture of Bowling Drilling Machine
A finger hole in a bowling ball is contour-drilled by mounting a bowling ball on a carriage and moving the carriage along rails toward the drill which has a larger cutting head than shank. After the first portion of the bore is completed, carriage motion causes it to engage a template which moves it on a second path to further drill the hole in another direction. The drill can be angularly positioned to provide shank clearance and can be positioned so that the drilling is other than radial of the ball.
In order to more fully understand the bowling drilling machine, it can be stated in essentially summary form that it is directed to a template-controlled bowling ball drilling machine wherein the drill and bowling ball are moved relatively to each other along a first path and then along a second, template-controlled path so that the bowling ball is drilled with a finger bore having two significantly different portions thereof. The first drilled portion extending into the ball from its surface is preferably linear, but may be non-radial of the ball, while the second drilled portion farther in the ball is preferably curved.
The function of the bowling drilling machine that will bore predetermined sizes and lengths of straight, arcuate, or angular holes to specifications requested.AMF Bowling Alley Supporting Equipment

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