Customized Dance Floor
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Material: 100% PVC
Reversible grey/black, white/black
Non-skid, matt finish
Easy to install

Dance floor is a cushioned vinyl surface that is engineered for the specific requirements of dance movements. It鈥檚 comfortable underfoot, provides all-important stability, and is shock absorbent to minimize joint impact and potential for stress injuries.
Unlike other sports flooring, Dancefloor features superior grip. It鈥檚 ideally suited to meet the unique needs of the stage, dance studios, and professional performance areas. Whether you need flooring for jazz, ballet, or hip-hop, the high-performance Dancefloor surface is sure to meet your needs.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )
1. What are the advantages of the floor?
Create the perfect amount of friction and superior grip.

2. What is the warranty period of the floor?
If properly installed and used, the warranty period of our dance floor is 8 years.

3. How to install the floor?
Generally, we have two construction methods: 1) Permanent installation, using glue 2) Portable installation, using double-sided adhesive tape

4. What is the maintenance of the floor?
For daily maintenance, use a wet mop or vacuum cleaner. Periodical maintenance, using professional cleaning machine.Customized Dance Floor

Posted 11-19-2020 10:40 PM by sin68am
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