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Our History
Jinxin Glass has been in line with the purpose and principle of scientific and technological innovation and customer service oriented since its inception and has been working intensively in the field of Glass. At present, Jinxin Glass has the world's advanced production base of float glass, patterned glass, and mirror glass manufacturing, as well as the well-equipped and fully functional processing glass fabricating facilities. Our Float Glass (FL) covers clear (transparent), extra clear, tinted, on-line coating, Low-E and many other varieties; our Patterned Glass (PT) covers hundreds of varieties such as clear (transparent), colored, on-line embossing, single-side texture, double-side textures and so on; our Mirror Glass (MR) covers silver mirror glass, aluminum mirror glass, lead-free environmental mirror glass, copper-free mirror glass, extra clear mirror glass, double-sided mirror glass, and high quality painted glass of various colors, that made by our automatic advanced mirror glass coating line. Our Processed Glass products include tempered glass, insulated glass, silk-printed glass, laminated glass, bullet-proof and explosion-proof glass, frosted glass, acid etched glass, deco-laminated glass, curved glass, etc.
Our Factory
Jinxin Glass is engaged in Float glass, Patterned glass, Processed glass, Solar glass production of professional enterprises. Introduced the most advanced glass deep processing production lines in Europe and America and other countries and regions, equipped with a variety of processing machines, built our country's largest, most complete products, the most technologically advanced glass deep processing base, perennial production and processing of tempered glass, hollow glass, glued glass, silk-printed glass and other high-end products.
Our Product
1. Solar Glass
2. Greenhouse Glass
3. Shower Door & Furniture Glass
4. Building Curtain wall, Windows and Doors, Partition glass
5. Rail Transit Glass
6. Float Glass, Patterned Glass and Coated Glass
7. Mirror Glass and Painted Glass
8. Special Decorative Glass (Frosted glass, Etched glass, Deco-laminated glass)
Product Application
Solar energy (photovoltaic, photothermal), Building (interior, exterior), Greenhouse, Furniture, Shower door, Automobile, Train, Metro and Rail Transit, etc.
Production Equipment
Cutting machine, Edging machines, Drilling machines, Continuous Tempering Furnace, Automatic Screen Printing Line, Lamination Line, Insulated Glass Line, Curving machine, all glass pre-processing equipments, such as cutting, edging, drilling, seaming, water-jet cutting, CNC processing, etc.
Production Market
Jinxin Glass has been well supplied to North America, Australia, SE Asia, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and other markets, and has high brand recognition and market share in most market regions. Jinxin Glass products have been praised by customers for many times.
Our Service
Jinxin Glass has good operation management under the philosophy of "Serving Globally and Customers First", and provides pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale services to our global customers with professional operation norms and high sense of responsibility. Always our customers can obtain better customer experience and value-added services while having satisfactory products and services.China Mesh Lamination Glass

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