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Category: Kalimba
Specification: 17 keys
Brand: Support OEM/Customization
Packing: Standard export packing
Our factory specializes in the production of Kalimba, Ukulele and guitars, and supports mass wholesale production. Welcome to customize pictures and look forward to your contact.
High quality: Traditional hand-made, with high-quality mahogany and carbon piano keys, the exquisite Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano instrument is made in this way. With beautiful music and curved notes, every letter on Kalimba's keys/tines is engraved, which is more convenient than Kalimba's stickers.
Easy to operate and versatile: Beautiful music can make people happy and cultivate sentiment. The simple and easy-to-learn feature makes Kalimba suitable for people of any age, whether it is children, adults or the elderly, it can be their best gift.
There are three points to pay attention to in daily maintenance of Kalimba:
1. First of all, if the weather is too dry or humid, it is not conducive to the placement of Kalimba. Kalimba can be stored in a piano box or velvet bag after use;
2. Secondly, do not put the thumb piano in direct sunlight after use, and the maintenance of wood products should generally prevent sunlight exposure;
3. Finally, because Kalimba is mainly composed of wood and metal, do not wipe it with a wet cloth during cleaning to prevent the sound of the resonance box wood from deforming and metal shrapnel rusting and causing noise. You can wipe it with a dry piano cloth after each use.Customized Kalimba

Posted 01-06-2021 6:32 PM by raxiotoh
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