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Our History
Hunan EEXI Science and Technology Service Co., Ltd., transformed from the largest manufacturer of maternal and child products in Hunan Province.
During the outbreak of novel coronavirus in 2020, in response to the call of the Chinese government, with the support of the local government, all 140000 square meters of production area was converted into a mask production line.
Our Factory
Hunan Eexi Technology&Service Co., Ltd. is located in Liuyang City, Hunan Province, the "Hometown of Fireworks", the company was incorporated in 2018 with a registered capital of RMB 10 million. Which is a professional manufacturer of labor protection supplies industry, specializing in the production of three-layer non-woven masks, dust masks, disposable activated carbon masks, cup-shaped dust masks, cup-shaped valve activated carbon masks, two-layer non-woven fabrics Masks.
Our Product
Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the company has provided more than 10 billion masks to the local government around the world. The main products include disposable medical masks, disposable surgical masks, disposable comfort masks, folding KN95, YX009-FFP2, YX135-FFP2 and so on.
Product Application
According to different scenes, the products of our company have remarkable effects in dustproof, anti-haze, anti-virus, anti-lampblack and so on.
Our Certificate
CE, TUV, TGA, SUQ, CNAS, BSCI, ISO,keep adding.
Production Equipment
Flat mask machine, 160 sets. 3D mask machine, 150 sets,keep adding.
Production Market
According to the company's shipping statistics.
In April 2020, EEXI factory provided 600 million pieces of flat disposable masks and 80 million pieces of 3D masks in the domestic market.
In May 2020, the EEXI factory provided 900 million pieces of flat disposable masks and 190 million pieces of 3D masks in the domestic market.
Provide 300 million flat masks and 60 million 3D masks in Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and Australia.
In June 2020, the EEXI factory provided 1.1 billion pieces of flat disposable masks and 220 million pieces of 3D masks for the domestic market.
Provide 700 million pieces of flat masks and 130 million pieces of 3D masks in Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and Australia.
Statistics show that since the EEXI plant was converted to production, it has transported nearly 4 billion masks to all parts of the world.
What amazing production capacity!
Our Service
Before sale:
1. The customer makes an inquiry request, and the salesperson completes the information collection.
2. Respond to customer requirements.
On sale:
1. Both parties confirm the terms of supply and demand.
2. Sign a contract After-sales, in view of the particularity of anti-epidemic materials, there are very few
After-sales events. Every box of our company's product is printed on the packaging +4000-333-088 contact hotline.Nurse Surgical Mask factory

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