January 2008 - Thoughts From The Frontline

This highly acclaimed blog is primarily focused on private money management, financial services, and investments. John Mauldin demonstrates an unusual breadth of expertise, as illustrated by the wide variety of issues addressed in-depth in his writings.

Thoughts From The Frontline

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  • What Does the Fed Know?

    What Does the Fed Really Know? Fed's Folly: Fooled by Flawed Futures? Brother, Can You Spare a Billion? $5 Billion a Quarter Planes, Trains, and Santa Barbara And Charlie Wilson's War It had been my original intention to devote this week's...
  • More BLS BS

    Democrats Ready to Politicize the Fed More BLS BS Credit Default Swaps: The Continuing Crisis A Stimulating Political Package The Economy Continues to Weaken Europe, Phoenix, and My New Chair After a wild week in the markets, there is so much to write...
  • What Are They Thinking?

    What Are They Thinking? The Reality of Trade Deficits Fair Tax Nonsense How to Create an Immigration Depression Stimulate the Economy by Cutting Spending? Tax Hikes to Help Us Grow? Europe, Phoenix, and My Conference in La Jolla In the past week, I have...
  • Forecast 2008: Recession and Recovery

    It's that time of year, when I throw caution to the wind and present my annual forecast issue. Jumping to the conclusion, I think a recession has begun, so the relevant question is to ask when the recovery will begin. We will look at the housing market...