How You Can Keep, Enjoy More of the Profits You Make!

I am a very lucky man. I have four beautiful, intelligent, healthy children; a brother and sister who are my best friends in the world; excellent health and a job I love.

My job, in turn, lets me do two things that I absolutely love:

· Research, investigate, and uncover great investment opportunities, and

· Travel around the world, mainly Asia, on research trips.

One of my early mentors, Bing Carlin of the IAI Regional fund, gave me one of the best pieces of professional advice I have ever received:

“If you want to catch a trophy fish … you’ve got to find in a trophy lake.”

And for many of us, we’re so busy looking for that fish — whether it’s jobs, investments and homes — in familiar or at least nearby places that we can miss out on a whole world full of opportunities to earn more, live better and, believe it or not, live longer … all just by broadening our horizons!

Where Will You Find Your Trophy Lake?

There are an estimated 5 million Americans living overseas. But that number is growing every year as people discover that you don’t have to be rich to live well if you choose the right place.

Once you retire at age 65, you can expect to live about another 19 more years, which represents about 20% to 25% of your entire life.

Americans are moving overseas for many reasons: exotic travel opportunities, profiting from booming overseas stock and real estate markets, starting international businesses, increasing their privacy and asset protection, or simply living in a tropical paradise.

Living abroad is not for everyone, but there are a lot of advantages of an overseas lifestyle. For instance, you can …

Feed Your Wanderlust

If you have a little bit of wanderlust — like Rudyard Kipling or Ernest Hemingway, who both spent years dwelling abroad — you’ll be able to see more of the world than you ever imagined possible.

One of the great advantages of living overseas is the travel opportunities. Once you are overseas, the cost (and time) of exploring other parts of the world is minimal.

It is a short train ride from Budapest to Vienna, a quick three-hour ferry across the Samborombón  Bay from Buenos Aires to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, or a four-hour bus ride from Singapore to the vibrant Kuala Lumpur.

You can also …

Enjoy a Lower Cost of Living … and
An Equal or Improved Lifestyle!

The average Social Security benefit today is around $1,200, an amount that would be painfully difficult to live on in the U.S.

But in many parts of Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, the cost of living is so much lower that you can live quite comfortably on that amount.

Choosing to live in one of these countries can afford an expat a more-comfortable lifestyle than he or she might be able to sustain in the U.S. More specifically, this can mean living in a larger home, buying more-expensive toys, working fewer hours and, in some cases, living like a king with maids, gardeners, personal cooks and even a personal masseuse.

For example, you can buy spacious, modern, luxury condominiums with ocean views of sugar-sand beaches in Thailand for less than $40,000 and live very comfortably for less than $1,000 a month.

A friend of mine lives in Cuenca, Ecuador — a gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site with a thriving theater and orchestra scene, fantastic restaurants, fast broadband Internet service — and lives like a king for $1,500 a month.

In Costa Rica, you can rent a nice countryside three-bedroom home for $400 a month, another $150 for utilities including cable and Internet, and eat like a king for $500.

Live Well … and Healthier, Too

What about medical care? It many countries, medical care is both cheaper and more-accessible than in the States. Many medical and dental procedures are 30% to 85% cheaper than in the U.S.

And depending on where you are, the quality of the medical care rivals America’s best hospitals.

I’ve personally visited two publicly traded Asian hospitals and was surprised and impressed at the number of highly qualified, mostly American-trained, physicians they had on staff.

In fact, I’d go as far to say that the staff at most major Asian hospitals are equal or better than what you’d encounter at most rural (and, perhaps, maybe even big-city) American hospitals.

Did you know that the average life span in Costa Rica is 76 years, four years higher than in the U.S.? Now that’s a trend worth following, not just as an investor but as someone who deserves to enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of labors!

What about Taxes?

You can find substantial tax advantages to living overseas, both on investment income and wage income.

When set up properly, offshore financial planning can minimize personal/corporate tax liability. For example, Panama, Belize and Costa Rica offer wealthy investors the ability to shelter their assets and lower their income through a combination of trusts, offshore corporations and friendly banking laws.

If you’re still working, U.S. citizens living abroad who may be permitted to exclude the first $97,100 of income from taxation thanks to the foreign income exclusion of the IRS tax code.

Many Americans decide to look into moving assets and buying property offshore to “get away from the government.” But there is no escaping Uncle Sam unless you give up your citizenship entirely, which is another option.

Tina Turner did just that in January, making the decision to become a Swiss citizen. She joins a long list of high-income celebrities such as Eduardo Saverin (co-founder of Facebook), chess king Bobby Fisher, and well-known investor Mark Mobuis who became a Bahamian citizen and now pays absolutely ZERO to the IRS even though he earns a millions of dollars a year.

Nearly 1,800 Americans relinquished their citizenship in 2011, a 700% increase since 2008.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you give up your U.S. citizenship. The decision is complex and not appropriate for most.

Heck, I’m not even suggesting that you pull up your roots and move overseas. But an expatriate lifestyle has a ton of advantages, some financial and some physical, and it’s an option that is appealing to a growing number of Americans.

And thanks to technologies like e-mail and Skype, it is easier than ever to keep in contact with your friends and family. And if you still have roots here, as I do, the U.S. is never more than a flight away.

Best wishes,


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Posted 02-15-2013 12:48 PM by Tony Sagami