The U.S.-as most countries in the world-still has a problem with turning swords to plough shares, but at least there's some good news: Researchers have now devised a way to turn phones into flowers.

A team from the University of Warwick's Warwick Manufacturing Group has invented the first fully biodegradable cell phone case... which makes sense, considering that mobile phones are one of the most quickly discarded items in the consumer electronics market. The poetic cherry on top of the recycling idea: With one of the new phones, you can bury it and watch it transform into a flower of your choice.

A special polymer formulation ensures a high-quality finish and high biodegradability at the same time. The engineers at the UW added a small transparent window to the cover in which a seed can be embedded-in full view of the environmentally conscious cell phone user. At the end of the phone's life, the case will decompose and the seed germinate... the first prototypes being dwarf sunflowers.

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Posted 01-03-2005 10:19 PM by Doug Casey
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