EverBank World Market Report - 12/1/2008


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EverBank World Market Report - 12/1/2008

November continued to see overseas purchases brought home as dollars, thus keeping the dollar in a rally that is now in its 4th month. We elected a new President in November without having to wait months for the outcome! As you read this, the markets will have entered into its year-end trading patterns of book squaring and closing out of risky positions. There is a ton of stuff to cover this month, so let’s not dawdle!


dwight Livingstone wrote re: EverBank World Market Report - 12/1/2008
on 11-24-2008 6:19 PM
let's hear it--
Anonymous wrote re: EverBank World Market Report - 12/1/2008
on 12-10-2008 9:18 AM
ThePedestrian wrote re: EverBank World Market Report - 12/1/2008
on 12-30-2008 10:18 PM
Hmmm... Does this mean that we can continue achieve wealth by "shorting" our country but are better served to ask for our (blood money) in an emerging currency? As a person who has experienced nearly 6 decades in a country which has gone from open segregation to electing an African American President and all the chaos that entailed, and as one who never put much "stock" in the material world, I must admit the world I chose to avoid is far worse than I ever had imagined. Just the notion that Madison Avenue controled the very images that shaped the thinking of our children was aversive enough, but now that I have learned of leveraging on the margin, toxic derivitives, naked shorting, hedge funds, Bankers and mortgage companies as merely originators, collecting fees and holding their noses, Wall Street Financial Institutions made of less than cards( the notes couldn't even bear their own weight let alone support anopther) who merely said "Whoops" I changed my mind and want to be a regular bank now and were showered with billions of dollars for their crimes, and obvious market fixing on a daily basis, just to name a few observations, I've observed it I sickens me. The wealth that disappeared is also "disappearing" three or more families in my old neighborhood with the fall of each slumlord property. These poor people must leave the only possesions they have, pieces of paticle board furniture, on the curbside as they are evicted through no fault of their own. It's hard enough to barge in on any friends or family one might be lucky enough to have without expecting to fill their houses with superfluous furniture. It's truly heart breaking. But oddly enough, it is now that I have become interested in the stock market. In fact I almost feel it is a civic duty to buy stocks and win so the bleeding will stop. The problem I have is that I will only play fair. Shorting failing companies feels unpatriotic and unAmerican. You see, I never borrowed money except for my house and I never made a late payment. If I use a credit card I pay it off before there is any interest. I saved my money and I worked my way into the middle class from manual labor to becoming a child psychologist. My aversion to wanting, much less needing, material things is in fact a rejection of the consumer driven society we have allowed ourselves to become. I never dreamt that advertising would not only snatch up our best artists and our brightest minds lbut also create a sneaker fetish which would have parents buying their children NIKE sneakers for over one hundred dollors. I worked in a sneaker factory and it was an ugly job. But the sneakers I wore for gym in school were $3.00 and even still, I most often attended in my stocking feet. At any rate, I have now taken a real interest in the market. So much of what has happened is simple fear and perception and it that which I believe we can change. Certainly there are fundementals about which I am studying as quickly as I can, but in fact, most peoples lives haven't changed all that much. But let holiday spending go down by 5 or ten percent (mostly due to fear and perception) and what do we hear...The sky is falling. The fact is that we spent 90% of what we usually spend, and we are 93% employed. Should that cause a 40% loss in wealth? Only if we believe it should. everything. My Apple stock went down 50 cents today because someone spread a rumor that Mr. Jobs is ill. Is this stock truly worth that much less? I am currently working on a book entitled "The Illusion of Control" in which I explore the need for control and the ways we achieve my case it is with children whom appear "out of control". Every program I and my comrades have developed for these kids has focused on recreating the ILLUSION of control. I believe it is simular with the markets. And that is why I read your report and will keep trying to learn and to win(fairly). Actually, were it not for the fees I would be quite a bit ahead during this "crisis". I know that I alone can not put the Genie back in the bottle, yet I feel a need to try. Without shorting or leverage or access to the dark puddles of off hours trading, or the preferred stock deals of Warren Buffit. I figure that if someone like me who has such an aversion to chasing the buck, or Yen, etc. can win, than anyone with half a brain can. And once we all believe then things will at least rally above 9,000 andI can give up my new hobby (or not) and go back to being a critic of the herd. Would they be bulls? heh,heh The Pedestrian