How to Invest in Gold


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How to Invest in Gold

Many analysts suggest that gold’s bull-run is not over and that it will continue to give even better returns in the near to mid-term. By the end of this year some think that gold might re-test $1800 an ounce…TBD.

Here are the most favored ways to invest in Gold

Physical gold: You can buy jewelry, gold coins or gold bars. Bullion coins seem to be the favored strategy and can be brought either from dealers or from banks. Numismatic (collectible) coins are another possibility but require a higher level of expertise.

Gold ETFs: ETFs are an easy way to invest for those who don’t want to keep physical gold for safety concerns.  It’s a hassle-free method to maintain a position…you can buy ETFs through your online brokerage account.

Equity-based Gold funds: You can invest in mutual funds which have exposure in companies engaged in gold exploration, mining, processing, extraction and marketing. All you need to have is an online brokerage account, and you’re all set.

Gold Stocks: Overall gold stocks are down as much as 30% over the past year, and in the same time frame, the price of physical gold has risen. This suggests that there’s money to be made buying a hammered sector of the stock market when it is out of fashion and nobody wants it.  Think value investing in a speculative sector.

This point of view (POV) says buy gold stocks, as the sentiment will rebound, the crowd will come back and there will be profits in the short to intermediate term. Could also be a trading strategy.

Futures: You can buy gold futures through most discount brokers, but it’s not recommended for the novice or even moderately experienced investor…steer clear unless you are a professional trader.

On-line Gold Purchases: The Hard Assets Alliance was founded with one overarching goal; to provide member clients with a better way to buy, sell and own gold, silver and other precious metals. Transactions can be made online 24/7 from anywhere in the world and include as a standard option the storage of purchased metals in New York, Salt Lake City, Australia, London or Zurich.

With a SmartMetals™ account from Hard Assets Alliance, you can buy or sell fully allocated lots of gold, silver, platinum, or palladium - single coins to multi-ounce bars - instantly, online. No more waiting for your check to arrive at a dealer, only to find out the price has changed, or that your order was only partially filled, or more expensive than you intended. You'll have all of the information you need before you buy or sell. ENROLL ONLINE

In the spirit of full disclosure, the parent company of InvestorsInsight Publishing, Inc., Casson Media Group, Inc. is a member of the Hard Assets Alliance and is entitled to a percentage of earned commissions.

Note: all investing strategies involve some degree of risk and the potential for loss of capital; therefore readers should seek the advice of trusted professionals before making any investment decision. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.