John Mauldin

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Thoughts From The Frontline
John Mauldin   Dismissing the Experts  530  97  35 
This highly acclaimed blog is primarily focused on private money management, financial services, and investments. John Mauldin demonstrates an unusual breadth of expertise, as illustrated by the wide variety of issues addressed in-depth in his writings.
John Mauldin's Outside the Box
John Mauldin   Howard Marks on Expert Opinion  643  108  11 
John Mauldin reads hundreds of articles, reports, books, newsletters, etc. and each week he brings one essay from another analyst that should stimulate your thinking. John will not agree with all the essays, and some will make us uncomfortable, but the varied subject matter will offer thoughtful analysis that will challenge our minds to think Outside The Box.

Gary D. Halbert

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Forecasts & Trends
Gary D. Halbert   US Economy, Consumers Remain Strong, But Risks Rise  606  42 
Forecasts & Trends is much more than just investment blog posts. You need to know the "big picture;" you need to have a "world view," especially in the post-911 world; and you need more information than ever before to be successful in meeting your financial goals. Gary intends to help you do just that.
Gary D. Halbert's Between the Lines
Gary D. Halbert   Strong Jobs Report, Manufacturing Surprises In January  83  10 
Gary has been in the investment business for over 35 years and owns several investment-related firms, including Halbert Wealth Management, Inc., a registered investment advisor that helps clients with sophisticated strategies that provide the same edge enjoyed by many major institutional investors.

World Currencies

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Daily Pfennig
Chuck Butler   Gold Gets Whacked On Tuesday!  1,387  19 
A free, quick-reading daily e-letter on world currencies, economic trends, and the occasional baseball score.
What We Now Know
  Reader Feedback "The Sex Offender Dilemma"  452  11  20 
You won't find specific stock recommendations in "What We Now Know", but you WILL find a remarkable array of fascinating, entertaining, and always useful information on a wide range of trends in the economy, geo-politics, health and technology and more.
The Room
David Galland   The Room – 07/10/2009  43 
This insightful blog provides a unique perspective on the world that you just won't find anywhere else. The Room is an eclectic mix of geopolitical and market commentary with a personal story thrown in here and there. Never willing to take any subject too seriously, David Galland delivers a "great read" that informs and entertains.
The Opinionator
Shannara Johnson   Did Stimulus Checks Really Boost the Economy? 
Stories you won't see covered on the 11 o'clock news, from U.S. and geopolitics to the War on Terror, the economy, health, nutrition, science, and much more. This blog owes its existence to the despicable indifference of the mainstream media. If you are looking for a fresh perspective global events, you have come to the right place...
The Options Report
Ken Trester   What Would Yogi Berra Do? 
Conversations with Casey
Doug Casey   Doug Casey on the Silver Screen  10 
An ongoing dialogue on the passing parade with Doug Casey, Chairman of Casey Research

Trading & Investing

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Daily Profit
Ian Wyatt   A Cash Cow Blue Chip that’s About to Clean Up  253 
Ian Wyatt’s Daily Profit is your leading resource for stock market insights, useful commentary and profitable stock recommendations. To start your FREE subscription to Daily Profit all you need to do is enter your email address in the Syndication area located within the right-hand side-bar of this page.
Retirement Watch
Bob Carlson   Giving Gifts – and a Lecture  71 
Independent, objective research on all the financial issues affecting retirement and retirement planning—including investments, estate planning, taxes, IRAs, annuities, insurance, medical expenses, and more.
Insiders Pulse
Adam Hewison   No leaks in this crude oil market  45 
Wall Street Sector Selector
John Nyaradi   Stock Market Shrugs Off Sequestration Cuts For Now  222 
Our goal is to help investors bank consistent profits with our professional, turnkey trading systems that tap into the awesome power of Sector Rotation and Exchange Traded Funds. Here are a few select comments from satisfied members of the WSSS family:

"It’s been great following your system through these crazy times."
B.G., Florida

"Best sector rotation trading system I've found anywhere"
L.S., Oregon

The Stock Playbook
Dave Dispennette   Are you seeing the same "Headline Risk" as us? Market Summary December 19th 2011  268 
Dave Dispennette has been writing for since 2006. The Stock Playbook provides individual stock picks, technical and fundamental research and actionable advice via daily market summaries and information-packed videos. Like Dave says, “Let’s Make Some Money Together!”
Musing on the Markets
Vinny Catalano, CFA   Beyond the Sound Bite: An Interview with Dave Rosenberg  215 
Vinny Catalano, CFA drills into the key themes and trends impacting the economy, the markets and ever fluid investment strategies with an eye toward domestic and global forces.
Principles of the Stock Market
Richard Schwartz   Tiger Woods Effect on the Stock Market  192 
Richard Schwartz, who loves to share his experience and knowledge with his many readers, has worked in the stock market and financial services industry for over 35 years. His lifetime stock market/economics reading list is approaching 175 books. Richard is currently employed at a financial firm writing a money management advisory and trading the firm’s capital while continuing to publish his “Principles of the Stock Market” newsletter.
AIA Advocate for Absolute Returns
Research & Editorial Staff   The “Magnetism” Of Fundamental Values – The AIA Advocate Newsletter  68 
The AIA "Advocate For Absolute Returns", an on-line publication of The Association for Investor Awareness, Inc., tracks market trends, industry news, the SEC, global trade and finance and Washington developments for you because they affect your investments. But who doesn't? Many sources simply report these issues as abstract facts.

We feel that's not enough. The AIA Advocate's job is to warn you of what's important and how these developments translate to ground-level forces and threats that directly affect your wealth as well as your current investment opportunities. Not just information, but information you can use. Until next time…
Steve Cook on Disciplined Investing
Steve Cook   The data was OK; but the outlook is getting worse  483  238  44 
Steve blogs about “RED FLAG” events, fast breaking news, market trends and a whole lot more that will influence your thinking. You need to know the news behind the news and Steve will keep you informed and on the right path to making solid, informed and disciplined investment decisions.
Global Emerging Markets (GEMs)
Beau Johnson, Charles Krakoff, EmergInvest   North Korea: Not Quite Ready for Prime Time  81  10 
InvestorsInsight's Global Emerging Markets Investor Group brings to interested investors the very best of emerging economies, technologies and special situational investment opportunities all in one place. Brazil, Mexico, India, Russia and China are among the largest countries still considered to be in a transitional phase between developing and developed status. And there are numerous secondary emerging markets through out Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Their business, financial and social processes are in the process of rapid transformation which can create unique investment opportunities for readers.
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Natural Resources

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The Macro Market Monitor
Matt Blackman   In search of the magic market mix  10 
Explores resource, commodity and currency market influences on stocks and the economy. Each month we separate leaders from laggards, explore how the relationships between various markets are changing and how to profit from it.

John McClure

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ProfitScore IQ
John M. McClure   Details On The Fed’s New Trading System  24 
The ProfitScore IQ is our monthly newsletter in which we discuss the U.S. and global economy and trends we see emerging that can affect your investment success. Packed with invaluable insight and actionable information about the U.S. and global equity markets, The ProfitScore IQ lets you benefit from our research and the daily hard work that contributes to our never ending journey to be better stewards of your investment assets.
EquiTrend Market Watch
John M. McClure   Leaders also look bearish  16 

World of Private Offerings

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World of Private Offerings
  Casson Media Group Offers Investment Opportunity 
Covering all aspects of investing in private securities.