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    Shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, Gary Halbert decided to begin his Forecasts & Trends E-Letter (formerly known as Special Updates).  Because there was so much misinformation in the media and so much news that was not being reported about 911 and the potential for more terrorist attacks, Gary decided he needed to be able to communicate with his clients more frequently than once a month in the newsletters.  So he began to write 2-3 e-mail E-Letters each month. 

    Initially, the Forecasts & Trends E-Letter focused on the terrorist attacks, national security, the War on Terror and related topics.  Due to his many contacts and subscriptions to expensive news and research publications, Gary was able to bring his clients information that was not widely available.

    As the weeks went by, Gary expanded the content of the E-Letters to include the latest economic news, market news and his always-spirited political commentaries.  His mission is to bring readers news, ideas and opinions that make them think.  They must, because the response has been overwhelming.

    Unbeknown to Gary, a major Internet publisher had been reading the Forecasts & Trends E-Letters.  In the summer of 2002, a major Internet financial publisher noticed the Forecasts & Trends E-Letter, and approached Gary about allowing him to send it out to an opt-in subscriber base.  Gary agreed, and now his E-Letters are eagerly anticipated by over a million individuals from all across the United States.

    Simply put, our Forecasts & Trends E-Letter are the best and most current way to read Gary's latest analysis of the economy, the markets, geopolitical developments and other topics of interest, as well as the real story on political developments in Washington.

    The Forecasts & Trends E-Letter are typically 4-5 pages long, covering several different topics.  Best of all Gary includes specific links to articles and reports that support and/or document what he has written.  You simply click on them and you can read for yourself. 

    Gary has declined his usual copyright restriction on the Forecasts & Trends E-Letter for your family and friends, and you are free to forward it with proper credit. However, re-publishing (written or electronically) in its entirety or through the use of extensive quotes is prohibited without prior written consent. Or they can sign up to receive it free of charge on their own. We never sell or rent your email address. Once you are on our e-mail list, we send the E-Letters to you automatically as soon as they are written. Give the Forecasts & Trends E-Letter a read. You may not agree with everything Gary says, but he'll make you think! And he will make you think about things you otherwise wouldn't know about.