January 2009 - Growth Report

Since February 2008, Growth Report stocks have been selected by a stock picking machine. We call it TRIGR. The S&P 500 is down a painful -16.3%. But TRIGR’s stocks are up a robust +16.5%. TRIGR is trouncing the market by a wide margin. TRIGR’s very first recommendation for Growth Report was Graham Corporation. It’s up a whopping 140%! TRIGR is engineered to find the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors. The culmination of over 600 man hours, TRIGR’s “brain” is 14,702 lines of code. Every day, TRIGR ranks 3,516 small-cap stocks based on 80 criteria using 155 proprietary formulas. And the results speak for themselves, with gains like 102% on Canadian Solar in 2 months, 97% on James River Coal in one month, and 61% on AgFeed Industries in 2 months. TRIGR is finding the profitable gems in a devastated stock market, and making a tidy sum for investors who follow its recommendations. Now, you can have your profits powered by TRIGR at www.growthreport.com.

Growth Report

Have You Seen This?

Have You Seen This?

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    Your Daily Profit January 5, 2009 *****Inauguration Rally? *****Oil prices *****Graham Corp! Fellow investor, The first full week of trading in 2009 is off to dicey start. But after the recent gains, it’s not too surprising. At present, the Dow...