December 2010 - John Mauldin's Outside the Box

John Mauldin reads hundreds of articles, reports, books, newsletters, etc. and each week he brings one essay from another analyst that should stimulate your thinking. John will not agree with all the essays, and some will make us uncomfortable, but the varied subject matter will offer thoughtful analysis that will challenge our minds to think Outside The Box.

John Mauldin's Outside the Box

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    • Apple, Google, NewsCorp and the Future of Content

      I am fascinated to watch the world change at an ever accelerating pace. Today’s Outside the Box looks at some of those changes, specifically the future of Apple, Google and media. I found this to be a fascinating exchange. Whether you are an investor in tech or simply a consumer of media services ( and if you area reading this, you are), the world id getting ready to change in ways that boggle my mind at least.

      I shot this week’s OTB to my friend David Brin, the sci-fi writer, social critic and one of the world’s leading futurists. Here is what he said:

      “John, I found the Whalen interview brilliant and very informative.  I always like guys who take the big, big picture. (Note: I bought AAPL in 1983 at 20.... after Splitting twice, it is now at 320, so I am biased by happiness.)

    • The Three Stages of Delusion

      I am back from the Forbes cruise to Mexico and starting to deal with a thousand things, but first on the list is making sure you get this week’s Outside the Box. And a good one it is. In fact, it is two short pieces coming to us from friends based in London over the pond.

      Both of them have to deal with the unfolding crisis that is Europe, which is going to unfold for several years as they lurch from solution to solution. The first is from Dylan Grice of Societe Generale and reminds us why we should put no stock in what leaders say about a crisis. He has lined up the statements of leaders from one crisis after another. He finds a simple, repeating pattern. And shows where we are now.

    • Geopolitical Journey, Part VI: Ukraine

      This week’s article comes from my friend George Friedman, founder of the intelligence company STRATFOR. In this stop on his trip through the Black Sea Basin, he explores Ukraine, a borderland that separates Europe and Russia.

      Imagine your nation torn between two completely unique languages, cultures, political systems - between East and West. I've always considered Texas a borderland, so I relate to a home that stands between two different worlds. With a geopolitical eye, the article methodically analyzes the history, current events and catalysts for options Ukrainians have about their nation now. Yet George also lends a personal touch as his family hails from this tumultuous region. This is a longer, but very pleasurable read. You’ll get your dose of geopolitics while enjoying George’s mosaic writing style.

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